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About us

KRISPA has managed to establish itself on the European market as a very reliable and trustworthy brand for personal care products.

Our customers can be certain to always receive products of exceptional quality at an affordable price.

Since the very beginning we have concentrated not only on offering quality products at an affordable price but also on remaining consistent in our offers and trying to meet the often very diverse needs of all our customers.

Currently our products are placed in most of the big chains in Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Hungary and several Arab countries. We are presently also represented in Hungarian Tesco markets and Phoenix pharmacies. Some of our clients include Rewe markets, BILA markets, Carrefour, DM and a huge number of local pharmacy chains. Our main goal is to sustain the good name of our company and to represent the 25 years of experience we have.

With more than twenty years of experience in sales of cosmetics and perfumery KRISPA is an excellent sales consultant who will be happy to find the best solutions for creating mutual satisfaction. Our experience and professional competence are our primary competitive advantages.

With us you will find a wide range of products with tested and proven quality – at excellent prices.

We strive to meet the demands of our entire customerbase, which ranges from politicians, big businessmen and women to pensioners and students with a more limited budget regarding cosmetics and perfumery products. Our flexibility and diligence to always be one of the first to offer innovative products on the market, helped us strengthen our position as a well-known company always working to the benefit of our customers. Our service ensures their right to be supplied with original products of guaranteed quality and origin. We are highly motivated to ensure the best possible outcome for potential business partnerships.

For any questions, feedback or further information please do not hesitate to contact us!